Google Summer of Code 2008 正是启动了.
下面是邮件列表里的邮件,全文引用. 有兴趣的同学可以考虑考虑了.

Hello everyone,

Google Summer of Code 2008 is on! You can find full details at

Please encourage your friends and colleagues to apply. It’s also
wonderful if you’d like to plaster our flyers around your campus or
any other place your fellow geeks meet to have delicious pizza and/or
caffeinated treats. We can also use help localizing the flyers.

More on the program flyers here:

Of course, if you’re still a student we want you to apply, too. You
might also want to consider mentoring this year. :)

Organization applications start 3 March. Student applications start
24 March.
Looking forward to another awesome summer with all of you. See you in
#gsoc on Freenode!